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Business law services for family business in regional & rural australia


LH Law offers business legal services to agribusiness and small business operations in rural and regional Australia with office locations in St George and Brisbane.

With the help of Louise and the rest of the team at LH Law, your business will receive advice on making informed decisions regarding entity structuring, trust formation, stamp duty implications, asset protection, share farming agreements, rural property and water transactions and more.
LH Law — LH Law in St. George, QLD

Entity Structuring Advice

Growing wealth through your business delivers many possibilities for business owners. However, even the most profitable business can be at ... Read more

Companies, Trusts & Partnerships

Prospective or current business owners may have a tough time understanding the legal differences between companies, trusts and partnerships. Allow LH Law to sit down with you, ... Read more

Business Formation

LH Law offers comprehensive and streamlined solutions for setting up and maintaining a business entity. Our team assists clients through every necessary legal step before the official formation of their business. Read more

Directors Duties & Liabilities

Directors in Australia are subject to increased scrutiny related to their fiduciary duties to the company and its shareholders. LH Law understands the regulatory and legal environment that businesses ... Read more

Assets Protection

Bankruptcies and corporate administrations are an all too common occurrence throughout Australia. LH Law does not want your business to become one of those statistics. Our asset protection services ... Read more

Sharefarming Agreements & Rural Lease Transactions

Share farming agreements and rural lease transactions allow farmers to operate their rural business without needing to invest the relevant capital ... Read more

Guarantee Advice

LH Law advises clients that intend to provide a guarantee for another party’s loan or a Director’s guarantee. Those who do not have the relevant security or creditworthiness may require a third ... Read more

Rural Property & Water Transactions

Ensure you are covered in every aspect of a rural property and/or water transaction through assistance from LH Law. Whether you are buying or selling a farm or water allocation or water licence or ... Read more

Business Purchase & Sale Transactions

Buying or selling a business can be a frantic and exciting time. The correct legal guidance can help ensure every step of the process is legally binding and in your ... Read more

Commercial Lease Transactions

Leasing business premises space is an effective way to grow brand visibility, transform business culture and improve productivity. LH Law helps our clients with ... Read more