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Succession (Future Planning), Wills & Estates, Commercial & Business and Workplace Mediation in Brisbane & St George

LH Law offers mediation services to clients in rural and regional communities in Queensland. As a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Louise Hill is equipped to help her clients negotiate mutually beneficial agreements in most often contentious circumstances.

Louise is a member of the Australian Mediation Association (AMA) which only selects those Mediators who are recognised for their expertise and standing in the mediation community The AMA chooses those professionals who maintain the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. All AMA mediators have extensive mediation training and exceed the mediation training requirements set forth by their local jurisdictions.

Mediation is favourable to litigation, as it offers both parties a higher level of control over the handling of their dispute. It provides scope for solutions that are almost certainly more enticing compared to the remedies given through the court system or tribunals.

Given her background in law and accounting, along with her involvement and understanding of rural and regional business, Louise is ideally positioned to help parties explore and understand the key issues that are separating them from a mutually beneficial agreement. She sits down with the mediating parties, brings them together and helps them work toward a positive outcome.

LH law offers mediation services regarding succession (future planning) wills & estates, commercial & business disputes and workplace disagreements.


Succession (Future Planning) for small business


The transfer of business assets to the next generation can raise different concerns for each family member or family/business group. One of the most important aspects of succession planning is open communication with all family/business members about the small business or agribusiness’s long-term direction and everyone’s personal financial goals. This can be difficult for some family members causing conflict and dispute.

As a Mediator with a background as a Lawyer and Certified Practicing Accountant assisting agribusiness and small business with their succession planning needs, Louise can assist the parties understand the key issues and concerns of each family/business member in order to mitigate concerns and disputes.

Mediation can bring family/business groups together with the aim of the family/business members working towards a solution to the dispute leading towards a positive outcome for everyone.

Successful succession planning involves considering everyone’s needs – the retiring generation; farming/business adult children and their spouses; non-farming/business adult children; and grandchildren. Mediation can assist greatly in the preservation of the family/business groups ongoing relationship and its financial and emotional wellbeing.

Wills & Estates Mediation

Mediating disputes over inheritance can save a lot of time and money, compared to drawn-out courtroom battles. But more importantly, it can help keep your family together!

Louise at LH Law specialises in neutral third-party mediation processes that allow families to mediate will and estate disputes without fracturing their familial bonds.

Louise can assist with disputes between estate trustees and beneficiaries, attorneys under powers of attorney, business owners and family members through the forum of mediation, instead of traditional litigation.

Estate disputes usually involve family members and are often emotionally charged. Disputes are often between persons who wish to have a continuing and amicable relationship in the future. Mediation can bring potential estate litigants together with a view to working out a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Mediation for will and estate disputes is not necessarily about resolving the strict legal rights of each party but attempts to uncover the underlying reasons that are causing the parties to sit on opposing sides of the table.

As a Mediator with a background in estate planning and estate administration, Louise can effectively facilitate dealing with the issues families face with wills and estate disputes.

Commercial & Business Mediation


Effectively managing disputes to reduce legal and administrative costs is a key element of running a successful business. Not only is a drawn-out court case or tribunal hearing a distraction, but it also eats up valuable funds that could serve your business in other avenues.

The savings gained by avoiding a court case, makes meditation a satisfactory option for businesses.
Businesses understand that mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes that may impact productivity, employee morale or the business’ bottom line. It is particularly useful for small businesses who do not have the manpower or financial resources to withstand lengthy legal disputes.

Examples of commercial disputes include recovering monies owed and disputes with suppliers, clients, customers, employees and business partners. Business mediation is also helpful in resolving issues about commercial transactions, defamation suits and multi-party disputes to name a few.

Allow LH Law to help your business find amenable and cost-effective solutions to your disputes through our commercial and business mediation services.


Workplace Mediation


In today’s business environment, a single employment dispute can result in a substantial loss for your business. Facing an employment dispute warrants a strategy to eliminate the possibility of disruption, distraction and financial and emotional loss.

Workplace mediation is a strategy that could assist your business, especially with guidance from Louise Hill and LH Law.
Mediation offers a chance for both parties to air out their differences, find common ground and attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion. Mediation with the help of LH Law nips conflicts in the bud, without adversely impacting productivity, working relationships and employee morale.




Here are answers to frequently asked questions about mediation:
What is Mediation?
Meditation is a process by which a neutral third party called a mediator helps people in conflict negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. The parties to the mediation control the outcome.

As a mediator, Louise can facilitate communication, promote understanding, assist the parties to identify their needs and interests, and use creative problem-solving techniques to enable the parties to reach an agreement.

Unlike court hearings or arbitration, no one imposes a solution on a party. If all of the parties do not agree to the result, the dispute remains unresolved.

Mediation gives parties much more control over the way their dispute of difference is dealt with and over the outcome.

If your present negotiations were not successful, mediation provides an alternative to pursuing litigation or other more formal processes. The scope for solutions is usually higher than the remedies available in courts and tribunals, or even after prolonged negotiations.
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