About lh law

LH Law assists agribusiness clients with their legal and business needs.

LH Law has a genuine understanding of agribusiness and recognises the unique legal and business challenges and opportunities that agribusiness clients face on a day-to-day basis. Our skill set enables us to provide your business with fully integrated legal and business advice.

"My involvement in operating our family agribusiness operations along with my skill set as a Lawyer, CPA and as a director on various agribusiness Boards allows me to offer our agribusiness clients high-level integrated advice and a different perspective."

Meet our team

Louise Hill


Louise Hill is the managing director of LH Law. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (With Distinction) a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and is a Member of the Qld Law Society. In addition, Louise holds a Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting) and is a member of CPA Australia.

She currently contributes to the agribusiness industry through her appointments on the Board of CSD (Cotton Seed Distributors) and Mallawa Irrigation Ltd.

Where Louise excels is in her ability to relate to and provide integrated high level advice to agribusiness while talking in language that clients understand. She has spent the majority of her life in regional and rural Australia involved in her own successful family agribusiness, in her previous profession as a CPA advising rural clients and currently as a Lawyer which gives Louise a unique perspective in assisting clients through the myriad of legal and business challenges and also opportunities that they face.

Louise is also assisted with a capable, confidential and professional support team to provide you with excellent service and peace of mind.

Our Approach

LH Law takes a specialised approach to every agribusiness client we assist. We are aware that each business faces unique challenges and opportunities whether it be with their succession/future planning or in their business setup  and other operations. It is why we meet with our clients face to face or virtually, to discuss their issues and formulate a flexible strategy to deliver the necessary services and solutions.

Led by Louise, LH Law brings a superior level of business experience, legal expertise and rural knowledge to its clients. Our focus is on helping family agribusinesses.